Make the Most Out of Your Cooler: How to Maximize Ice Life

Make the Most Out of Your Cooler How to Maximize Ice Life

Recently cooler manufacturers have been working on innovating cooling technology – large cooler with wheels can have additional padding, extra wide walls, big seaming locks and more. But there are other free and accessible solutions.

Have more ice

The bigger the amount of ice you put in, the more powerful your cooler will get. This is particularly useful for longer trips in the heat. Make a point of filling your cooler with as much ice as you can and you will definitely see a difference. A lot of people overlook the fact that you should place some extra ice when you are done filling the cooler with things. This trick works wonders on ice life.

Have your cooler prepared in advance

One of the options is to put the cooler in the fridge and have it chilled that way. Of course, you’ll be able to do that if your fridge is spacious enough. Otherwise, you’ll have to double the amount of ice to put half of it beforehand. This half will eventually melt throughout the night resulting in a cooler chilled from the inside. Then fill it up with another batch of ice.

Have your items refrigerated

Put your food and drinks in the fridge overnight so that you can prevent the first contact with warm items. You can accidentally cause a lot of damage to ice when you are packing the wrong way. This trick in addition to having the cooler chilled makes a good double bill.

Keep it shut when possible

When you constantly open the lid, you are bound to have unwanted warm air inside the cooler. You can avoid it by planning out what you need without rummaging around for too long. Grab as many items as you need at once and instruct others too. Also, keep it organized so you can have quick access to everything.

Place the cooler in the right spot

Sometimes you just want to enjoy your day off and get caught in the moment. But consistently making sure the cooler is in the shade or somewhere chill will maximize the results. Investigate the site and remember that the environmental circumstances can change. After several hours go by, check if the spot is still suitable and there is no direct sun.

Lift it up

Cooler brands have already noticed that placing the cooler directly on the ground noticeably cuts down ice life. It accumulates heat from the surrounding ground, especially on a sunny day. So you can buy a cooler with that problem already eliminated. But if your cooler doesn’t have a raised stand, you can mimic it by simply putting it on a table, bench or truck of your car.

Some people don’t have financial means to purchase the most high-end cooler to enjoy good quality ice retention. But now you know how to achieve the ultimate results using these simple tricks rules.